Jeff Nimoy


Emmy Award winner Jeff Nimoy adapted, voice directed, and served as story editor for the top-rated Fox Kids show Digimon: Digital Monsters (he also voiced many characters, including Tentomon and Kabuterimon, whom he’s reprising in Digimon: TRI). He also adapted and voice directed the theatrically released 20th Century Fox animated feature Digimon: The Movie, and the television sequel, Digimon: Revenge of Diaboromon for Disney. He served as executive producer and writer on numerous other Fox Kids shows as well. But the anime community also knows him as the voice for the popular character Wolfwood, from the hit cult series Trigun.

Other anime credits include adapting and/or voice directing several popular Cartoon Network series including Naruto, Bleach, Zatch Bell, and Bo-bobo. Also, the animated series Mega Man for KIDS WB; Digimon Data Squad and Robodz, for Disney XD; and “STITCH!” (the new adventures of Stitch from “Lilo & Stitch”) for DISNEY CHANNEL.

Prior to his anime career Jeff was nominated for three Emmy awards in four years, winning once for his comedic work as a writer/producer/voice director for NFL Films Presents on ESPN and Fox. He also wrote the animated feature Pecola, based on the Cartoon Network series.

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Lex Lang


StormTroopers, War Greymon, Poe Dameron, Batman, Dr. Doom, Dr. Cortex, Han Solo and more...

Lex Lang!!   You know the voice, now meet the voice actor!  Lex is the voice of Wargreymonin Digimon -- Sozin the Fire Lord in Avatar the Last Airbender -- Goemon in Lupin the Third -- Sanosuke Sagara in Rurouni Kenshin -- Jagged Stone on Nickelodeon's Miraculous Lady Bug -- Hayate Gekko in Naruto --  Omaeda in Bleach -- Captain Harlockin Captain Harlock -- Maxie in Pokemon Generations -- Goku in Dragonball Super(Toonami Asia release) -- Egor and Shu in Durarara X2 -- Zagato, Lantis and Rayearth inMagic Knight Rayearth  --  Sanzo in Sayuki Reload  and many more -- too many to list! 

Lex's voices for video game characters include: Dr. Neo Cortex in Crash Bandicoot -- Kiljeaden in World of Warcraft -- Dr. Doom in Marvel Heroes -- Charr Male in Guild Wars 2   -- Torvald in Evolve -- The Grim Creeper in Skylanders -- Spyglass in Titanfall -- and many characters in STAR WARS games too (Han Solo/Poe Dameron/Stormtroopers)!   

His mainstream animation characters include:  Batman -- Dr. Doom -- Young Wildcat --Clayface -- Metallo -- Atomic Skull -- Grimbor the Chainsman -- Captain Cold -- Heat Wave and more in many Warner Brothers cartoons!  Plus the Doorman and his Dog Hundley on Curious George!!!

Lex can be heard in blockbuster films including Star Wars The Last Jedi,  Rogue One - A Star Wars Story -- Avengers Age of Ultron -- Wolverine -- Captain America -- X-Men, -- Planet of the Apes -- Jurassic World -- Thor,  Deadpool and more!!!

He was also the voices of Ecliptor in Power Rangers in Space, Rygog and Lerigot in Power Rangers Turbo, and Zen Aku in Power Rangers Wild Force. 

Brian Donovan

 Brian Donovan is the director of the award winning documentary, Kelly’s Hollywood (currently on Showtime Networks),  about the intimate relationship he had with his spectacular sister who was born with Down syndrome ( Brian has toured internationally speaking about inclusion, equality and how imperative it is for everyone to be given the chance to pursue their dreams. He has also been a professional actor ( for more than 25 years in film, television and radio. He has worked on-screen with such luminaries as Jim Belushi, Jim Carrey and Angelina Jolie. He has been the voice of countless animated heroes, including Davis from Digimon Adventure 02, and Digimon: The Movie. He is currently the voice of Rock Lee from the juggernaut hit, Naruto. In addition, Brian has been the executive director of the Los Angeles Repertory Theater ( since 1994, producing and directing more than a hundred inner-city high school workshops and live shows. Brian currently lives in Los Angeles with his family and dog, Cosmo. Geek Kon 2018 is Brian’s first con ever, so welcome him with open arms! 

Jonathan Fahn

 Jonathan Fahn is an Anime' voice actor who has appeared in hundreds of projects such as Naruto Shippuden (Shikaku Nara), Macross II: Lovers Again (Hibiki Kansaki), Cowboy Bebop (Miles), Digimon (Mantarou Inoue), Ambassador Magma (Mamoru), also Ghost in the Shell, Trigun, Orguss 02, Zatch Bell, as well as the epic Wings of Honneamise and many others. He is also an accomplished director and actor on both stage and screen.