Friday, May 27th, 2022

Cooking for beginners – 9 pasta tips and tricks

Cooking pasta, for some, is a discouraging challenge. For example … a cousin of mine cooked pasta for so long … it came out of the pan in a big bouquet every time.

If you are pasta, you do not turn … The following tips should help you get fantastic results every time.

1. How many pasta per person? It always seems to be a problem for everyone. Only you know the appetite of your family … but … here is the basic rule. A pasta box to a book will serve 4 big eaters. If you prepare other dishes to go with your pasta, a book box easily serve up to 6 people. Note: An uncooked pasta cup is equal to two cups of cooked pasta.

2. How can pasta salt? I add a lot of salt to my pasta water. I am told that it should taste the sea. Taste the water after adding the salt … The taste of salt must be noticeable.

3. Should water be boiling first? Yes! Bring the water to a vigorous boiling before adding the pasta … a boiling you can not stop stirring.

4. How much water cook pasta in? Make sure the pasta have a lot of breathing room. You want pasta to have enough water to move freely so that we can absorb the water. If there is not enough water, pasta will stick together and become sticky. In addition, you will find uncooked rooms that are blocked together.

5. How to add pasta to boiling water? Slowly add pasta to boiling water. Ideally, water should not stop boiling. If water ceases boiling, simply shake the pasta until water starts boiling again. This prevents pasta from gluing together.

6. How to say when the pasta are finished? The best way is to taste. Read the instructions on the package and, I suggest you, check the perfect “Al Dente” texture during the cooking time. Pasta are sufficiently cooked when it’s “Al Dente” … Meaning … This has a little bit of bite. You have cooked it too long if it’s sticky.

7. Do I have to rinse pasta? Some people like to rinse pasta if it is used in a pasta salad (I do not mind). The choice belongs to you. Why not try the two ways. Do not stay with pasta if you add a sauce … You will want to keep its foax texture so that the sauce clings.

8. Drainage of pasta? Most people drain all the water … This could be a mistake. Keep a little water will prevent glue. In addition, the sauce blends better. I always keep a small amount of pasta water just in case the pasta becomes too dry.

9. Heat your service bowl! It’s a good idea to serve your creation in a hot bowl. It’s a good key added.

Notes: Never cook two types of noodles together because each type has a different cooking time. Another thing … If the noodles are used in a saucepan, sub cook slightly because they will end up baking.