Friday, May 27th, 2022

Deep Fry Chicken – 7 Steps to Cook Fried Chicken

How would you like to learn to cook fried chicken in an orderly and timely manner? How about taking a bit of time just to rinse, clean, season and cook and watch the chicken cook with crisp golden brown? It is very beneficial to use a deep fryer to cook the chicken. The deep fryer cooking method is the simplest, safest and most affective way to cook fried chicken.

Here are 7 steps to fry chicken:

1) You must first defrost your chicken pieces you plan for cooking if they are frozen. Make sure your chicken pieces are completely thawed. If your chicken is not frozen and thawed Skip to step 2. The defrost time usually depends on the size of chicken pieces.

2) Second, you have to rinse and clean your chicken. This step is quite easy. I usually manage Luke’s hot water on each of the chicken pieces while rinsing and cleaning them. This is walking with all fat and bulk dirt.

3) Third, you have to clean up your chicken at your own discretion. I usually pose my thawed chicken on several paper towels before seasoning. It eliminates the mess! Sprinkle the seasonings you have chosen to use your chicken. It’s up to you to see how many seasoning you would like to use. I recommend seasoning salt and pepper.

4) You must cover your chicken pieces seasoned with flour. I first recommend put flour in a large bowl adapted to your chicken. Then roll each piece of chicken into this bowl of flour ensuring that it is covered completely.

5) Fifth, you must prepare the fryer with oil in which chicken pieces will cook. You will have to fill your deep fryer with vegetable or canola oil halfway. (Do not fill in the top because you have to leave room for your chicken pieces to cook.) Once you have filled the deep fryer, it’s time to heat the oil. It is better to define your fryer deeply at the average temperature so as not to cook the chicken. Now leave the oil before heating for about 15-20 minutes.

6) Once the oil is pre-heated, you place your place safely to make chicken in the deep fryer. Be careful when you have finished this step, you do not want to burn yourself with hot oil! Now all you have to do is watch the chicken periodically cook every 5-10 minutes. Once the chicken looks golden brown crisp and floats at the top of the deep fryer, they have finished cooking.

7) Finally, it is time to remove the cooked chicken from the deep fryer to drain them to their oil. It is best to use a long-sleeved range for this step so you do not burn yourself with hot oil. Once removed from the deep fryer, I recommend you put the chicken in a large bowl lined with several paper towels. This is the best way to drain the oil. Once you have finished this step, it’s time to eat!