Friday, May 27th, 2022

How to cook crisp tofu

Tofu is a healthy source of protein essential to a healthy lower cholesterol diet. However, as most people know that tofu is a wet and wet substance. When it’s believed, he has the taste and feels like if you dorce to goo.

Do not trick me. Tofu tastes as well but you have to learn to cook it properly. Learn to cook the crisp tofu is not difficult, but it is rewarding. In fact, today for lunch, I precipited a mixture of frying with green peppers, onions, a spicy sauce and a crisp tofu.

One of the tips to create a crisp tofu is to get rid of water. By applying it into small pieces, you can then throw them flat on a paper towel and gently press the top with another paper towel. These will absorb the moisture of food. Now once cooked, it will have a more hollow texture.

Another method to eliminate the water I started to use to get rid of the water consists in baking. I will usually turn the oven to about 200 to about 250 degrees and drop all sliced ​​tofu sections on a saucepan. Remember that when cutting, it’s important to make the pieces as thin as you can. I put them in the oven while preparing vegetables or any other part of the meal. I then shoot the oven tofu and start the next step of cooking.

Some people will choose to put crumbs of bread at their meal. I do not usually do that, but before I finish cooking tofu, I place flour above. It helps to absorb a little more water and it’s great for when you start doing frying.

The last step for cooking the crisp tofu is to fry it. I always use olive oil because I like taste and it’s healthy. However, I always use a few tablespoons. I put high heat and place as many pieces as possible on the stove. As they start with stuffed on the bottom, I’ll go back, just as you would if you cook a pancake. I make sure I go back and lets them cook evenly on both sides. This is the stage where you realize how important it is to have sliced ​​each slim piece. The tofu does not consider evenly all the time, if you have a thick room, you will find yourself inside.