Friday, May 27th, 2022

Is a divorce lawyer needed to divorce?

In some cases, it is not mandatory for the party to engage a lawyer to have a divorce. Part of a divorce can be represented. However, a person who makes his own divorce without a legal advisor can put a serious disadvantage.

Most divorces are not easy unless there are no marital assets, children, debts or other common problems. If divorce leads to litigation, a lawyer is definitely necessary. For a simple and undisputed divorce, a divorce party may prepare and file divorce documents with the Court. Do not attempt to represent you in court during a contradictory divorce.

The necessary divorce documents are available online and in books specially adapted to the divorce laws of each state. Prepare and deposit your own divorce documents can save you money, but what may seem like an economy can cost you in the end. Some online divorce document services cost almost as much as undisputed divorce through a lawyer. The court will also charge fees to deposit the documents. It would be wise to meet a lawyer for a consultation to assess the cost of having them to represent them in the divorce. Many lawyers offer a free consultation. If there is little or no savings to make the undisputed divorce yourself, why do it alone?

Even if you want to save a few hundred dollars by giving the divorce yourself, you risk losing more at the end. A lawyer is a source of information for you. Lawyers can answer your questions and give you advice on the terms of divorce. If there are matrimonial property or if there are children involved, an attempt at divorce to do it yourself can be a big mistake.

In certain circumstances, the manipulation of your own divorce without legal representation is definitely not a good idea. If the divorce parties challenge children’s custody, a lawyer is needed. If a party believes that they themselves or children are not safe around the other party, the party seeking to protect children needs the help of a lawyer. If part of the divorce believes that their spouse takes common assets or hiding assets, they will need the help of a lawyer to prove it and receive what they deserve.

Given the complexity of the problems, it may be useful to use the services of a professional competent with the law of your state and experienced on the ground, even if you do not expect any difficulty.