Friday, May 27th, 2022

Korean mode: Korean wave splash

If you have been bitten by the Korean bug called “Hallyu”, and you want to do some of the Korean wave that is currently scanning the globe, you can do it by introducing Korean fashion in your wardrobe.

Korean fashion is very now and trendy. And to help you realize this style, here are some tips for making you look like a Korean pop star.

Latest trends in Korean fashion

1. The Look Preppy

The clean and polished appearance of the Preppy style is taken to another level by introducing a superposition. You can calm a classic buttonhole shirt with a Bejeweled necklace or a super great butterfly knot.


If you want to stay in the summer, you can dress up in clothes made from pure materials to keep you cool and the elegant at the same time. Lacy Night Paths are perfect examples.

3. Large jackets and cardigans

If you are not in the Preppy, you can opt for Spunky, Rock and Roll style. You can do this by wearing a studded jacket or cardigan with embellishments. By wearing these clothes, you can certainly make a fashion statement that people will notice.

4. Princess Dresses

Korean fashion is not immune from the propensity of most Asians to look at all that is cute. Dresses with frurll and ruffled details fall in abundance. And they usually come soft and bright colors like hot pink.

5. Flower power

Dresses are made more cute by having flower details or flower prints. These clothes are perfect for flora under the sun.

6.80 Funk

If you are still stuck in the 80s, Korean fashion style will definitely suit you. The aesthetics of the fashion of the 80s is elegant resurrected and given a modern and Korean twist. You can have your choice of bright and exciting printed tees, with harem lax pants and colorful and colorful sunglasses.

Famous coins of Korean fashion

If you do not want a uniform Korean look and you just want a specific Korea clothing, here are some examples of dresses and shirts that will add extra opos to your wardrobe.

Cardigan of the figure
NB striped muslin
Indian t-shirt
Succulent pants
Jumping costume up high
S. Breathtaking dress
HOLD sexy t-shirts
Long and short comb dress
Long and short sexy cutting dress
Cute sleeveless hoodie
Korean hair styles

To have a complete Korean look, you must have the corresponding hair style to achieve it.

Hair styles for girls

Romantic wave
Wave of water
Hair styles for boys

Wolf Shaggy Cut
Short onion cut
Average haircut with a fringe
If you want to know more about Korean fashion and you are interested in wearing Korean fashionable clothing and fashionable, follow the previous link to find out more.