Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Lean makeup on the mineral powder

Let’s talk about makeup, before moving forward with mineral powder makeup. Makeup as used today has really not started to start before 1937. Although women (and men) had used a face coloring since the night of time, it is somehow dropped. Fashion during the Victorian era – Queen Victoria frowned, and therefore for decades, only prostitutes make up. And actresses, of course.

Once silent movies, then sound movies roaring on the stage, men and women had to wear makeup to look better under hot lights, to hide all facial “imperfections such as freckles. , rosacea, etc. Women have loved this makeup so much that they started using it, and the average woman soon followed. (Lipstick, blush and nail polish were used for decades, but not a global face makeup.)

The first commercially available foundation was the Max Factor Cake, patented in 1937. With its success, other companies have progressed in production. Today, cosmetics are a multi-million dollar industry and advertising campaigns are intended for younger and younger girls. (Indeed, it will probably not too long before trying to get babies to start wearing makeup.)

Makeup has been formulated in different ways throughout the years, but the most recent rage is mineral powder makeup because it offers several distinct advantages over its competitors. Mineral powder makeup is not particularly new. A brand has obtained its starting point in 1976 … But this has only been in recent years that these start-up companies have had the means to get to the toe with the titans of the market. But because of the superiority of the product, they deployed about the last five years.

Mineral powder makeup does not have talc, no chemicals, no charges or dyes. He does not dry the skin, and he does not give a tapein or fold. Nor does it observe pores and there is little risk of allergic reaction.