Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Secrets of chef cooking

We all like to try different kitchens, and delicious and tasty dishes. Most people want them to recreate their favorite dish at home. We all like to have delicious and beautiful looking for food on our table. Many people go to a restaurant to enjoy delicious dishes. But it’s not possible every time to eat in restaurants because most of the time, our budget does not allow it. So imagine all the possibilities by cooking this meal at home. Yes, you may follow techniques and are ready to learn some secrets and tricks from leaders.

Cooking and thinking as a chef is a required skill that will help you prepare wonderful dishes, which will be appreciated by friends and family. Even the most frightened home cook can learn chef’s techniques and tricks. However, you can prepare delicious and watered dishes as the chef every day in your kitchen. Yes, it’s true; If you really have an interest in cooking, a measure of patience and some capacity to collaborate, you can cook restaurant dishes at home by learning simple techniques.

If you want to cook as chef, you should know at least knowing that there are many things you need to ask you first. First of all, you need to know the basic things to cook as a chef.

1. Store your pantry with basic essential items such as olive oil, tomatoes, flour, good chocolate, olives, really get things you know you’ll eat.
2. Get quality ingredients, do not buy budget. In the restaurants, the chef does not line on quality ingredients. In the long run, this will save you money because you will not have to use so much because more expensive brands have a better flavor and are of better quality.
3. Have a decent amount of kitchen equipment; This makes your task much more difficult if you do not have the right tools. Buy one thing a week or fifteen of fifteen days when building your equipment.
4. With the equipment comes from chef knives, if you are serious about the kitchen, get a decent set of chef knives and take care that they will last forever. In fact, I always have a knife that started with me 25 years ago and it’s always my favorite. Make sure you buy from an authorized knife vendor, even to Google’s brand you are considering. This is definitely when you do not want to scale quality.

Being creative is a necessary skill when working with food. If you are not, do not worry, it will come, but a tip: improve this skill, play with food, treat it as a work of art. Your creative natural capacity will immerse. Have fun with the whole creative thing; There is no difficult and fast rule on how food should look. Remember that people eat with their eyes; Meaning if it looks good, they have probably already determined that it has good taste.

Get cookbooks that explain the concepts, not just provide 246 recipes. Look at the food chains, install a small TV in the kitchen, it will be like having a personal chef guiding you along the way.
Be semi-precise with ingredient measurements, what I mean by this is, if a recipe calls 1TSp garlic crushed and you like garlic, add more. Cooking is much on the balancing of flavors and marry them. It’s about seeing what works. The only time I would say to be exactly precise with ingredient measurements, it is cooking, it is a rule that must also be respected.

Practical, practical, practical. Make sure you have a season of food just right. A pinch of salt or a pinch of pepper can do wonders to transform food blands into super fragrant foods. Also try different kinds of spices. Finally, cooking can be a bit fearful to some people, but it’s not so difficult to learn. Learn a basic recipe is easy. With the appropriate practice and technique, you can easily learn to cook as a chef.