Monday, May 23rd, 2022

The main rules of fashion to live by

Whether you are in a wear outfit or occasional professional outfit, some fashion rules can help you make the best decisions and watch your best, no matter where you go. Let’s start!

1. First of all, you have to buy clothes that are suitable for your type of body. This can be easier to say than to do, but the more different styles you are looking for, the more you will start to see what brings out your good points and what magnifies the bad. Nobody wants to look like what they can not breathe their clothes and, on the other hand, they do not want to look negligent in casual clothes too washed. Find the happy support.

2. Showing too much cleavage or portion of a dress that is a little too short is going to put a negative turn on the style you are trying to reach. Be aware of what is too much and be careful not to cross this line.

3. Make sure you choose the appropriate underwear for your chosen outfit. Bodycon dress pants, skirts and dresses can reveal unwanted panty lines if you do not plan in advance. The last thing you want people to notice that your panties instead of your big style!

4. Try to dress up your age. This can be difficult in today’s society where it seems that styles and clothes are focused on younger generations. It is very easy to stay in style and choose fashion pieces that are suitable for your age by changing any style to your liking.

5. Do not spend a lot of money on clothes if you do not have it! There are tons of different ways to rejuvenate your current wardrobe by simply adding a few key pieces to transform your old clothes again.

6. Try to avoid the temptation of the combination of too many colors and patterns, it can transform a great trend to something distracting and overwhelming.

7. You do not always have to follow the hottest and most recent trends. Sometimes you will do better to wear what you like and what you feel superb to try to duplicate what you see in magazines. Fashion is a personal taste and sometimes it can be easily forgotten when you look around and everyone is dressed in the same way.

8. Do not forget accessories! Any old dressing of your wardrobe can be updated using the right accessories. Whether you associate a large pair of lace boots or add an oversized necklace to accentuate a large neckline. Be creative!

There are very few rules of fashion to live that you do not already know. Fashion styles are broadcast on all the media, but the great thing about it is to choose what you like and what you do not like. You control your fashion style, take advantage of this and create something different from the hottest trends this year. Our world is built on visual impressions, then make a good one.