Friday, May 27th, 2022

Thirteen errors that must be avoided when planning your event

Get used to yourself with this common mistake that will help you become aware of the problems you can avoid when setting up your event.

Short marketing cycle. Be sure to give you enough time to promote your event. Practical rules are good at least 90-120 days for medium-sized events with around 75 participants.

Compete with yourself. Many promoters are their own competition by wearing several adjacent events. When your audience receives marketing for various events, they are confused.

Don’t give your promises. Become a reality with your words will maintain your credibility and ensure success in the future. Make a checklist every offer you do in your marketing so you will not forget to follow up on your promises.

Pay more. Keep your costs by shopping around the hotel, etc. Make sure the audio-visual team knows certain hours for every day so there is no surprise fee. Keep your staff as long as possible; You must be able to run 4 days / 75-people with yourself and other 2-3. Previous negotiations to get a free meeting room when you satisfy the block of your room.

Lost control of the room. Maintaining your audience control is needed to stay on schedule and run smoothly. Hold the question until after it will help.

Not running on schedule. Controlling the schedule helps control the room. Start on time in the morning, continue immediately after the break, and ends when you say you will do it. If you are behind the schedule, stop and ask if they want to stay longer to complete the material or end on time.

Bad scheduling at your event. The order in which you put your speaker has a big impact on the success of your event. Other factors involved, but in general it is better to put speakers selling cheaper products before speakers sell products at higher prices. Consider when certain topics are borne and make sure the drink is not served while the speaker is on stage.

Be cheap. People pay money well to attend your event. Make sure they get what they expect, like free drinks.

Employ the wrong coordinator. The best is working with someone who specializes in information marketing.

Close your office. There is no good reason to close your office; You only lose money and frustrating your clients who are not on the event.

Wrong measure. Accurate with your calculations and have realistic expectations. If your list includes 1,000 people, you should not hope to get 500 of them at your event.

Mismanagement. Good management ensures a successful event. Things like time management, traffic flow, and have sufficient form of order are small things that can be ignored by poor management.

Not enough to sell. Many promoters think they must educate the audience; They feel bad about sales. Bottom line: You are there to make money. There are several ways to provide valuable information and sell products on the same event.
It’s easy to master when planning an event. Stay organized and thorough will help you avoid mistakes, but hope to make a few. Small errors cannot be avoided even if you are an experienced event planner; Learn from your own experience and talk to other people about their experience will help you be effective in this process.