Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Understanding Family Systems

Consider a mobile suspended in the ceiling of the family room. Different pieces hang suspended in delicate harmony and balance with one another. Each part is separate and fragile, but all of the parts have been in harmony with all of those other mobile. Now, bump one bit of the mobile, and just what do all of those other pieces do? They move. Although the parts seem to be separate, they all are interconnected via a system of string or wire. So, whatever energy is selected up by one bit of the mobile is used in all of those other system. No matter what to 1 bit of the mobile affects another pieces too.

Something interesting happens should you leave the mobile alone, but something foreseeable: Each one of the individual pieces will go back to the same place where it had been before it moved. “The mobile is really a ‘whole’ thing of beauty that ‘wants’ to become what it’s, the actual way it ‘should be’, the actual way it was ‘meant to become.'”

The mobile informs us four or five reasons for concepts of systems.

1) Systems possess a definite structure for them. Each bit from the mobile has its own place. It wouldn’t function as the same mobile when the parts were rearranged.

2) The entire is more than the sum parts. The mobile is not only bits of string or wire bobs of metal or very. It’s a thing of beauty using its own identity, based on how all the parts are arranged.

3) Changes successfully within the system affect the many other pieces within the system (although not always in the same manner).

4) Systems always try to go back to their original sate. This is actually the principle of homeostasis or balance. It wouldn’t function as the same mobile unless of course once i noticed it, it came back to the same location it had become before I noticed it.

Let us locate a moment a household system. Consider the household like a mobile with 5 parts. One part is Father. His function in the household could be to strive. And, let us say he watches lots of TV in the evening.

Another area of the mobile is Mother. She also works hard and worries concerning the kids. Then there’s the earliest boy who works hard in school and it is the valedictorian of his class. Next may be the middle sister who’s nice, quiet, and it is recognized because of not being “a bother.” Finally, we’ve little brother whose function will be cute, sassy and fun.

Family Systems

This mobile includes a structure – it’s family, with mother, father, and youngsters. And just like a system, if a person member will get bumped, what goes on to all of those other family mobile? They get moved. After which exactly what do all the pieces attempt to do? They move into the same position as before these were bumped.