Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Why is education needed?

Every human being needs oxygen to survive in the world. Education is as important as this, because education gives people the knowledge and skills they need. Education is important for people of all ages and has no limit. Children need education to learn to talk and write. Students in the higher education level require knowledge to get valuable information about what they are studying. Business managers need education to improve them in decision-making and adapt to changing the environment. We can not say that they do not need additional training, regardless of the quality of their intelligence, because the quality of education is always improving.

This is the reason why education is becoming increasingly important and has become a necessity for everyone. Over the last two decades, parents have not seen education to be important for their child because they felt that their child needs only knowledge about some issues. If parents always have the same mentality today, their child will find it difficult to make a living in today’s world that has become very competitive. Even at the level of lower education, students are already competing to determine who will get the highest class quality. If these students are already so competitive at school, imagine how competitive they would be when they spend higher education and after that work.

With the higher education standard, the demand for an organization for an individual’s level of education becomes higher. Many years ago, a new graduate is able to ask any work they want with a high school certificate. A few years, expectations increased and the minimum requirement was a certificate of diploma. Today, many students with a degree level certificate are unemployed unless they hold certificates from prestigious universities. Imagine, if graduate holders are already lacking on jobs, how do these with only a high school or diploma certificate tariff? The level of norm and expectation of education has grown at a level where we can not afford to be insufficient. This has how important education has become.